Welcome to 'New Hermopolis'

New Hermopolis is an individual non-profit social enterprise founded by Dr Mervat Abdel-Nasser with the mission of capitalizing on Middle Egypt’s heritage for the cultural and economic development of this region. Our founding is connected to the thought and philosophy of Ancient Hermopolis with its belief in the possibility of harmonious living and the power of art to transform society. It is an Ecological complex built in a unique architectural style in Tune El Gebel village, Minia ( 20 KM from the main city of Mallawi/320KM from Cairo), and consists of a hospitality centre ( visitors' retreat) that is accessible to all the region’s rich antiquity sites including ancient Hermopolis (Tuna El-Gebel & Ashmunin), Akhenaten city (Amarna) and the tombs of Bani Hassan aw well as ‘Cultural Space’ that holds events workshops and performances for the benefit of the local community and international visitors, We also have an Organic Farm with ‘olive groves’ and a ‘vineyard’. We had our first production of extra-virgin olive oil in 2017.

A unique experience...

The visitors' retreat at New Hermopolis is set at the very centre of the land amidst landscaped gardens and against a backdrop of breathtaking mountain scenery that flows freely and peacefully with the outside desert landscape.

The ‘retreat’ offers exceptional accommodation for a broad spectrum of visitors providing short and long term residency for writers and artists, in addition to those wishing to explore the wealth of antiquities of this region or simply seek to rest and get away from it all.

It is open from October to May each year, offering a numbre of booking options for cultural groups, spiritual seekers, yoga, as well as corporate training and other special events. Contact and enquiries are available here…>>

Our concept...

It is important to remember that the New Hermopolis retreat with its facilities is not merely a hotel complex; it carries the mission of helping and developing the local community. It was created for this purpose and those who choose to stay with us will be contributing in a big way to this developmental project.