Why Hermopolis

New Hermopolis was founded in 2011 with the mission of capitalizing on Middle Egypt cultural heritage for the cultural and social development of the region. We are inspired by ancient Hermopolis philosophy with its emphasis on art's potential to transform societies and the possibility of establishing harmony between man, the other and the universe.

New Hermopolis serves the main city of Mallawi and its surrounding villages (approx.one million inhabitants). The nearest villages are Tuna El –Gebel (3KM) and Ashmunin (8KM). For decades, this region has experienced neglect and marginalization. Despite its wealth of culture, the land that was once a great centre for learning and cultural dialogue has become impoverished and overlooked. Middle Egypt exhibits some of the highest levels of poverty in the country. Economic opportunities are scarce but opportunities for free self-expression are even scarcer. Partisanship and intolerance of different belief systems has risen, particularly along the Christian-Muslim juxtaposition, higher in this region than many other areas of Egypt.

New Hermopolis employs a hybrid social-business model that raises revenue from business activities to invest in social change and educational programs within our local communities. We encourage our visitors, when possible, to deepen their engagement with our local communities and exchange work, concepts, ideas and training opportunities with the local youth. The aim is to foster practice of self-expression, critical thought, and creativity. This is normally delivered in the form of activities that teach hands-on skills in addition various art forms including encouragement of traditional art and interactive theatre.  

Various avenues are available for youth to demonstrate and showcase their art work to local communities, and we take pride in having started ‘an annual art festival ( Thoth’s Festival) which is a revival of an ancient festival that celebrated the power of the ‘Word’ and the ‘creative force’ in us all.