Tours from Hermopolis

These tours aim to make a conceptual link between the different monuments of Egypt and introduce the visitors to parts of Egypt that are hardly visited.

All tours from the New Hermopolis will be accompanied by a specialised local guide and can be arranged either on individual basis or in small groups upon request, contact us for details and information.

  • Tour of nearby antiquities:
    Tuna El Gebel, El Ashmunin, El Amarna , Bani Hassan , Deir El Bersha,  Antinopolis and Hatnub Albaster quarries

  • Tour of Monastic sites in Middle Egypt:
    Deir El Bersha, Deir Abu Hinnes, Deir Abu Fana, Deir El Mahraqa and red & white monastery

  • Tour of antiquities of Middle Egypt:
    El Minia- Mallawi , Assiuet – Sohag

  • Desert Oases:
    Hermopolis, Bahria, El Farafra, El Dakhla and Kharga - via the ancient desert road

  • Red Sea tours:
    Hermopolis to Hurghada - via the ancient Hurghada road

  • From Khufo’s birth place to his great pyramid:
    El Minia, Beni Suif and Fayoum

  • Cities of light and enlightenment:
    Back to Heliopolis from Hermopolis

  • Going down the track of wisdom:
    From Hermopolis to  Alexandria