The Founder

Dr. Mervat Abdel Nasser MD, Mphil, FRCPsych
Consultant Psychiatrist, researcher in Egyptology and writer.

She is a graduate of Cairo Medical School and fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, London. She holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy and a doctorate in psychiatry from London University. She also has two diplomas in moral philosophy and the history of medicine.

She served as a clinical psychiatrist and university academic in England from 1977-2007. Her clinical practice focused on general adult psychiatry with special interest in the field of Culture and Mental health. She achieved international stature and reputation through her various publications on the interface between Mind and Culture which included several scientific papers, many presentations delivered at major International Conferences since 1984, three books as well as a number of chapter contributions to several textbooks of Psychiatry. She has special interest in ‘theories of education’, particularly the integrative models of teaching, and this is reflected in her writings as well as her style of teaching as a university academic and clinical tutor. 

She has as well a long-standing interest in Egyptology and has written several books in Arabic addressed to the young reader, including a 40-part illustrated series that won an award for best children writing in 1998. In addition, She has written a collection of psychological/ philosophical essays on ancient Egyptian thought entitled – “Why Did Horus Lose His Eye - A New Reading of Annt Egyptian Thought” as well as several books on ancient Egypt and other civilisations.

She took an early retirement from her job as a consultant psychiatrist and senior lecturer at Kings College London in 2007 and returned to Egypt to pursue her dream of establishing the project of New Hermopolis. She has since dedicated herself entirely to this cause.

Main Books in English  [Psychiatry]

  • Culture and Weight Consciousness (1997), published by Routledge - Taylor & Francis Group. London - New York 
  • Eating disorders & cultures in transition (2001), published by Routledge - Taylor & Francis Group – London - New York.
  • The Female Body in Mind. The Interface between Women Bodies and Mental Health (2007), published by Routledge - Taylor & Francis Group. London - New York

The Femail Body in Mind Culture & Weight Consciousness Eating Disorders & Culture in Transition

Books in Arabic [ Culture & Egyptology]

  • Encyclopaedia of Ancient Egypt- a 40 part illustrated series- published on ancient Egypt for young readers (8-15 years). Published by Dar El Kitab El Masri (1997- 2002) and re-published by the National Family Library Project (2004-2008).
  • Lemaza Fakd Horus Aynoh? Why did Horus lose his eye? A collection of philosophical essays on ancient Egyptian thought. Published by Sharkiat publishing house (2005)
  • Imhotep- The Physician Who Built the First Pyramid- Published by Nahdet Misr 2007
  • The Itching of  Papyri- Selection of ancient Egyptian Poetry from the Old, Middle and New kingdom- published by Nahdet Misr, 2007 
  • Isis and Her Daughters- a book on women in Ancient Egypt from a new perspective- published by Nahdet  Misr, 2007
  • The Lotus - The Story of a Cosmic Flower – deals with the symbolism of the lotus flower in ancient Egypt, other civilisations as well as in modern art. Published by Nahdet Misr,  2007
  • History of Ideas – ‘Three Part Series’ on the History of Ideas. Published by Nahdet Misr, 2007
  • History of the Ancient World – ‘Five Part Series’ on the role played by the Sun in Unifying Human Thought in Ancient Civilisations, emphasising the universality of cherished Values that are shared by all mankind. [First Vol. Includes Egypt, Greece, China, Mesopotamia, Mexico]- Published by Nahdet Misr 2007
  • Ma’na El Watan /Mother country- searching for a meaning - Polemical essays revolving around the meaning of one’s nation state. Published by Nahdet Misr 2009

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